Sunday, 3 July 2016

Summertime Fun- Ice Cubes, anyone?

Where we live we often need to find creative ways to keep cool in the summer. Life without air conditioning when it reaches above 30 degrees Celsius can be tough! But luckily we've found some fun ways to beat the heat.
One of our several water wars
Water wars, complete with buckets, water pistols, squirt bottles and anything else that can be used to hold and throw water (including our hands!) is one activity we've come to love and enjoy. Sometimes there are almost 20 kids around!
Ice cubes, and other shapes large and small are great to fool around with too. All the children enjoyed watching them melt, finding one had frozen with a hollow spot and eventually smashing them all on the ground to see how many pieces they could break into.

Outdoor play is important, and this summer my kids will enjoy plenty with friends and family.

Peace and love.

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