Thursday, 7 July 2016

Getting outside

Although we all want our kids to go get out and play, with many of today's lifestyles we can't always bring our kids to the park, and apartment living in cities leaves us with no back yard to let our kids run around in.
We have been lucky, we moved into a house with a huge yard, a park across the street and lots of kids. Trying to drive down the street on a weekend could prove dangerous, as the kids playing on roller blades and bikes, enjoying games of street hockey, catch, foot races and running from house to house fill the bay. The kids take over and the neighborhood is filled with sounds of children at play.

They run around like we did in the 80's, parents peeking out windows while cooking, or sitting on the front steps watching from not too far away, but far enough to just let them go.

It's hard to do at first, but when the other children come knocking at the door to play earlyin the morning, and your kids beg to go play with their friends, how can you say no?

The days I remember most from my childhood summers are the days I was out from before lunch, when I was so busy getting into different games and types of play with my friends I barely stopped to eat. The freedom of hopping onto my bike and roaming the neighborhood, catching frogs with my best friend in the ditch beside her house and the best, going away to the country for weeks and just getting lost in my imaginary worlds.

I want my kids to experience a similar world. One without parents hovering always, but still close enough to call over to look at some new trick they learned, or a new insect they discovered.
I want the scraped knees, the tree climbing, the mud, the bare feet and the looks of joy from my children as they learn, with freedom to play and love to grow on.

Check back for some summer activity fun as the days go on.
Peace and love.

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