Saturday, 16 July 2016

Flowers on our Walks

Sometimes it's nice to stop and smell the flowers. Here are some of the flowers we've seen on our walks around the neighbourhood.

Some are specifically planted as part of a butterfly garden, some are just flowers from the park or gardens around the neighbourhood, all of them beautiful.

I want to create our own garden full of flowers to attract butterflies and bees to our yard. How wonderful it would be to see monarchs and their caterpillars, and possibly watching them transform in nature? I think it will be an amazing thing.

Bees and butterflies are an important part of our ecosystem, and whatever we can do to help promote their growth and prevent their loss will help the populations soar once again.
We've also seen poppies, daffodils, black eyed Susan's and many more.

Do you have a garden specifically to attract butterflies or bees? Tell us about it!

Peace and love, until next time.

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