Saturday, 2 July 2016

Canada Day!

Happy Canada day, Eh!

Waking up, fun with friends all day long.
 Face paints.

Red and white everywhere you look, people celebrating OUR country, CANADA!

And while we sit at HOME among all the celebrations, in our own quiet way we celebrate our country.
Painting flags, (that look somewhat like ours)
Eating Red jello, red and white ice cream, poutine for supper and family surrounding us. Quietly celebrating our flag, (did you know we only get our own flag in 1965?! Before that we mainly flew the Union Jack.)
talking about our heritage, and learning through pictures, books and other people about our great and wonderful Canada.

We will head to fireworks later on tonight, and watch them burst high above, snuggled on a blanket hot chocolates and cookies in hand.  As we drive home among the rows of cars, kids chatting excitedly about the loud colourful fireworks they saw, and comparing them to years past, eventually they will fall asleep from the excitement of the day.

And then we do it all over again next year.

Hope you all have a great Canada day weekend!

Peace and love

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