Friday, 1 July 2016

Observing insects- it's changing

The other day the kids found a caterpillar on a bush beside the house.
They wanted to keep it, so I suggested building a habitat for it. Over the next few days I gathered materials while the kids carefully fed the caterpillar and changed its bedding/cleaned the cage. Because I know they are picky eaters, I made sure to only gather food from the plant we found it on, and we didn't pick it up, so as to not damage its body. (We let it crawl onto us or from stem to stem)

Every day. Then I noticed something.
The caterpillar had attached itself to the side of the container it was in. Surely it was too early for it to change, all the websites said they overwinter. That means stay in its chrysalis over the winter, but I have never done this before. 
Guess what? It's definitely turned, or is turning now.
Stay tuned for updates and what the kids reactions were while observing these amazing changes.

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