Monday, 11 July 2016

Our 2016 Folk Fest Adventure

This years Winnipeg Folk Festival was one of the best years I've had in a long time. Almost everything has worked out, and apart from a few mix ups about my oldest child's volunteering schedule and pass pick up, everything feels right.

 We've spent our time at the massive sand pile, played some big games, done crafts and face painting with the kids and even caught a few daytime workshops. The best one so far: lemon bucket orchestra at the Folk School. Wow, were they amazing! Watching the crowd get up and learn a dance made me want to join right in. Unfortunately this time I couldn't as the younger ones were enjoying being buried chest deep in the sand and the rule is: don't leave your children unattended.

By fluke I've seen every band on my list, and even one wonderful surprise with Alan Doyle and the Beautiful gypsies. Enjoying main stage alone with my best friend while they played brought back memories of past festivals. Times when I didn't care who saw me dancing in the mud and enjoying my whole self. And I danced. I sang along. I laughed and slipped on wet grass and mud fresh from the light rain that sprinkled over us all earlier, cooling off the hot muggy day and clearing up into a beautiful evening.

Our adventure is not over, there's one more day left. One more day filled with love, music, dancing and friends in the great outdoors.

I anticipate tomorrow we'll watch some workshops around the festival, get our faces painted up again, play a round or 2 of big 4 (a larger version of Connect 4) at the big games area and settle in with a whales tail at main stage until after dark. At the end of the concerts the volunteers will climb on stage, snd we'll thank them for yet another smooth running festival. We'll all Sing amazing grace and Mary Ellen carter (an old Stan Rogers song, if you want to look it up) for the finale and then it's over for another year.
As always it's over too soon and we'll wait impatiently until next July when it happens again.

Happy Folk Festival!

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