Friday, 15 July 2016

Outdoor activities to try this summer

Tug of war
I've made it a personal family goal to allow my kids the freedom this summer similar to what I had growing up. And along with that, I decided to create a list of games from my childhood I'd like to teach to them, so they can play the games with their friends we enjoyed as children. rover

Remember this game? We all stood in rows facing each other, arms linked and yelled out "red rover red rover send  (whoever) over. They'd run full speed into a set of arms they thought was the weakest link. If the got through they picked one for the other side. If they didn't they stayed with the opposing team.

2. Mother may I

Mother may I
Another oldie but goodie. Grab a bunch of kids, line all but one up at the starting line and one stands a few meters away, as mother or father. Each child asks one at a time if they may take steps forward. Mother or father replies with a yes you may, or a no you may not. Mother or father may choose something else or keep them in place. Whoever reaches mother first becomes the new mother (or father,)

3. What time is it, mr. Wolf?

Similar to mother may I, but with a twist. Instead of asking to move forward, the group of moving children ask "what time is it mr.wolf?" The wolf proceeds to say a time, and the children move forward that many steps, big or small. But beware! When mr. Wolf yells it's lunchtime better get back to the start before wolf tags you or you're out for the round.

4. Tag

Pick a version, whether it's freeze tag, grounders or just tag! You're it, this game can be a lot of fun. To keep it fair, I'd try to keep littler ones together and bigger ones together, but as a large group or separated into sizes there's sure to be a version to suit everyone.

5. Red light/green light

A great way to learn following directions. The traffic light faces a group of children as a red light. When he or she turns their back they yell green light. The other children try to reach the traffic light as fast as they can before they turn and yell red light. The movers FREEZE in place and if the traffic light catches s movement sends the offenders to the starting line. The first one to reach the traffic light becomes the traffic light.

6. Musical chairs

Grab some chairs or cushions, make a circle with them, put on music and start walking or dancing around the chairs. Make sure there's one less chair than people. When the music stops, everyone scramble for a chair. Whoever doesn't have one sits out until the next round.

7. Telephone

This one was always fun! Will the message last until the end or will it change into something hilarious? Sit in a circle. One person begins by whispering a message into the ear of whoever is next to them. Keep passing the message until it reaches the last person. They say the message out loud and whoever started it says whether it was correct or not. Sometimes this can get pretty funny.

8. Picnics

Grab a blanket, throw together some sandwiches and drinks and head outside. Picnics can be held anywhere from the living room floor on a rainy day to a park complete with fire pits and anything in between. Don't worry if you can't go far, picnics are a blast anywhere you have them.

I'm positive that while I play these games with them, My mind will go back to memories I had as a kid playing until our parents hollered, all the while making new memories to share with my children as they grow.


  1. My son is only about to be two but I try my best to get outside and do activities with him a few times a week. Thank you for your post!

    1. When mine were younger I found it hard sometimes too.