Thursday, 15 August 2013

Playing with dough

My kids, like many others, enjoy playing with dough. Whether it's real dough (as in bread or buns) or play dough, almost any child will have fun squishing, building and creating things with the dough.

I sometimes like to add other sensations to the dough I make for them to play with.
The other week I set some dough in the middle of the table along with dry used coffee grounds, oatmeal, acrylic seashells and dried split peas.

The kids chose to do whatever they wanted with the dough and other materials they had.
Petit Monsieur reveled in the new sensations brought on by adding the coffee grinds, peas and oats, and DD decided to make a scene with the shells with her dough.

 Get messy with your kids, explore with them and open new worlds for them and be sure to try and enjoy the small things with them.
The end results are not always what matters, but the fun they have and the new things they learn along the way.

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