Saturday, 7 September 2013

Home? School? why not both?!

So I have decided to keep my middle child out of school this year and "homeschool" her this year. Really, I plan to continue until I can't anymore. I'm hoping my oldest will choose to come home as well this school year, and he seems to be leaning towards just that.
Now, I think sometimes people get the wrong idea about schooling at home. Yes, sometimes it involves sitting around a table and learning lessons from books. But that is NOT all it is. For our family, school at home means life is learning. We learn everyday, through work and play. My children mainly play the day away, which to me is the most important aspect in their learning right now. They learn and discover by watching and imitating mom and dad. They play grocery store together and "buy" things and "sell" things, bag them and bring them home. They re-enact programs and movies they have seen. They help me cook, bake and clean the house. They go to the park and play. They draw and colour and everyday we read, read, read, read. Sometimes my DD will want to write, and she is in the process of learning to write her name, although she knows most of the letters by sight.
  I truly believe that before age 7, in most cases, formal schooling is not required, and children will learn what they need to learn as long as they are given the opportunity. Right now I'm grateful and lucky that I am able to stay home with the children to do this. I hope I will be able to throughout their entire educational career until they choose (or not) to pursue a post secondary education.
And whatever they choose to do with their lives, I will be right there along the way to support them.

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