Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Cornstarch Magic (and other play)

Wow, we had tons of fun playing with the mixture I made out of sand, water and cornstarch the other day. The two little boys spent a good amount of time squishing, mixing crumbling and burying toys.  Long after the older one got bored, the little guy continued to go back to explore the container I had it in.

I never realized how much different my "cornstarch magic" would feel and mold together when mixed with sand.. I'm under the impression that this mixture is similar to moon sand, but I have never bought or used the store bought version. (As a matter of fact I have never even seen it other than in commercials)
Of course I had to add a little bit of colour while they played to see if it would change, and of course, it did (but it took a lot!)
They had so much fun, I can't wait to see their reaction to my next soft mold-able dough type stuff.

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