Tuesday, 13 August 2013

gooey slime

I tried making slime for the first time today with one of the older kids. She decided she wanted to measure and mix everything, but I just couldn't let her do the Borax measuring. That was really the only thing I got to do.
We gathered all of the ingredients, and I halved the recipe I found on
She did the halving all by herself in her head when I told her the measurements out loud. It was great! Learning math and science at the same time.

After measuring and mixing each solution separately she poured them together and started to mix them. Almost immediately we noticed a difference in the texture of the mixed solutions. It no longer looked like Glue and water, But a slippery, slimy goop.
She played around with it for awhile, adding different colours until she was satisfied that it looked like bloodied body parts.

 She had a great time playing, and kept asking to make more. Going to try another recipe tomorrow with her and the Older Boy.
I'll bet they can come up with great ideas on how to use it, and get messy while having fun.

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