Sunday, 11 August 2013


One of the kids favorite pass times is playing with blocks, whether it's legos or good old fashioned wooden blocks. My oldest has always enjoyed building with his lego-type blocks, creating different scenes with his "guys" and completing various sets that he received for birthdays and holidays.

My youngest right now loves to build up  HUGE towers with our wooden and plastic shaped blocks and crash it down with his race cars, or tractors, while my middle child (who is almost 5) likes to try and build places for her little figurines to play before little bro knocks them all down.
Every once in awhile, the kids will use other toys along with their blocks and create new imaginary worlds, full of wonder.

Spend some time with your children on the floor playing with blocks. Make some blocks out of old cereal or cracker boxes stuffed with newspaper. Use old carton-style milk containers (250ml, 500ml, 1l and 2l) filled with crumpled paper and sealed with duck tape. decorate them as you like, and build a castle you can play in!
The possibilities are endless!
Get creative and have fun doing it!

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