Friday, 9 August 2013

TV shows for kids (that parents can stand)

There are certain shows that are on TV and video for kids that I cannot stand (not going to mention any purple dinosaurs here) and then there are some I have seen lately that are just downright wacky.  (YO! Gabba Gabba?)
I prefer to watch TV with my kids (or at least know what they are watching) so I often give them shows from my own childhood to watch.
I pick those shows because, unlike many of the shows on TV  today for children, I can stand to watch and listen to them. I used to go often to the library to "rent" movies there like Bill Nye the Science Guy and a National Geographic series my oldest used to love. I like going for educational shows, but of course the kdis need a little bit of entertainment as well. Cartoons and animated shows they like are Thomas the Tank Engine (ever since shining time station for me) and Gummi Bears. I have a lot of OLD videos from when I was a child (yes, I mean the old VHS tapes) and the kids watch them over and over again.
I like to think that they enjoy them as much as I used to when I was a child.

My top four shows on TV today (at least the last time I checked they were on air)
Dinosaur Train
Sid the Science Kid
My Little Pony
Thomas the Tank Engine

The ones I miss from my oldest's early childhood
Big Comfy Couch
Bear in the Big Blue House
Ants in my Pants

There will always be new shows replacing the old, but I do sometimes wish they wouldn't change so much so often. Which shows do you like or not like for your kids and why? Which ones do you wish they would bring back?

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