Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ready Set Splash!

Petit monsieur getting into the mud puddle at folk fest
My children love to splash in puddles. I remember times I have even bribed them with "you can splash in all the puddles if you get ready in time".

Of course puddle jumping can become messy, especially when there is mud involved.
I remember as a child, and even as a teen, jumping in puddles, letting go of my inhibitions in the rain and jumping to my hearts content. Seeing how high I could make the water go, whether I could jump over certain ones, and even playing in the early spring with the thin layer of ice covering the first puddles of spring, or last puddles of fall.
the first mud puddle of the spring

I try to make opportunities for the kids to play in the water, and puddle jumping is no exception. We go outside after most rainfalls, splash pants and rubber boots on, and splash away.

Check out this puddle, it's great!
Sometimes the puddles are deep, sometimes they're muddy, but they are always sure to be a hit.
Get outside every day, even when it rains. It's good for everyone.

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