Sunday, 5 January 2014

What can you do with a....BOX

To some, a box can be just that. a box, something to put things in. Storage. Recycling. Clutter.
To others, a simple box can open a whole new world: a rocket ship to outer space, a race car, a puppet theatre and so much more.
My favorite quote about boxes comes from a book I have read to my kids since the oldest was 2.
 Jillian Jiggs says it best: "I'm wild about boxes. Boxes are fun! No one could guess what we are when we're done."

That is EXACTLY how I think about an empty box. Imagine the possibilities!

In our home, we have built a ramp for cars, a car, and airplane to fly, and a house. as well as painted it for a pretty place for "babies" to sleep.
I have taken the time to cut out shapes into the box and have the kids push them out.
The kids have used them for hide and seek, a dark spot to play with their glowsticks, walls or a roof to a fort. I can't even name all the ways we have played with boxes over the years.

I never throw out a box (especially a really big one) without first thinking about and using it all the ways we can. Then of course it goes right into the recycling bin to get made into new paper product.Hopefully a great big box.

Remember how much fun we had as children with boxes and think about what you want your kids to experience. The simplicity of boxes. The almost infinite possibilities for a box and a person with imagination to go with it.

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