Sunday, 5 January 2014

December Activity Countdown: Dec 1 and 2

The first and second days of December I decided (along with input from DD who is now 5) to make foam Christmas cards and decorated trees.
Using ribbons, glue, glitter glue (I'm not brave enough for actual glitter yet!) stickers, small jewels and shiny confetti, the kids decorated their very own Christmas trees to hang on our walls.
The 2 littles sat there for an entire nap time making decorated trees for us, and cards for family and friends.

To make the cards, they used foam sheets and foam stickers from a Winter/Christmas art kit from the dollar store. They created wonderful snowy scenes to give away to their very loved cousins and to decorate daddy's work office.
Whenever there is an art project happening there is always a mess to clean up, so make it easy to clean and use newspaper or a type of easily washed drop cloth underneath the projects you're doing.

Have Fun! Get Messy! Play!

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