Tuesday, 7 January 2014

December Activity Countdown: Dec 5 and 6

 December 5th I decided to make some playdough out of a recipe I found using cornstarch and baking soda. DD asked if she could help cook it on the stove and since I was closely supervising, I said yes. I believe it's important to say yes to as many experiences as possible to give children (and the adults around them) many experiences to learn and trust themselves.
After it was finished cooking and cooling, instead of adding colour, I added a tablespoon of cinnamon to the dough for a whole new sensory experience.

The youngest one did try to eat the yummy smelling dough, but soon learned that it did NOT taste like it smelled and spit it out.
The next day I got brave and had the kids do some stamp painting with christmas themed stamps. I used home made paint (recipe will be posted under recipes and other fun stuff)
It did not get as messy as I thought, and not everyone was as into it as I thouught. DD and the little big man got right into dipping the stamps (and even their hands, of course) and putting it up on the paper on the wall. My petit Monsieur wouldn't even come to the hallway to check it out, even after I said "we're painting on the walls!"
Funny how what they like one day might not be enjoyed the next.
To minimize the mess I used newspapers on the floor and cleared the area around them as much as possible. And for a 5 and a just turned 2 year old they were really a lot cleaner with it than I expected.
(I was Imagining paint on the walls and floors and ceilings as well as themselves. there actually wasn't a drop anywhere but the paper they were using and newspaper on the floor.)
Definitely something I will try again during different times of the year.

Don't forget to have fun! Get down and play, learn, discover and explore with your children. They might have surprises in store for you.

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