Monday, 6 January 2014

December Activity Countdown: Dec 3 and 4

Our next activities weren't much different than the first couple of days. The kids enjoyed making their very own foam gingerbread people.
Even the older one (12)  got involved and enjoyed this little activity, even though he thinks he is starting to get too old for little projects like this. Again they used glitter glue, small confetti and jewels and of course who can forget googly eyes to complete the character.
The 4th day of December we had fun with 2 activities. The little boys, who are both 2, played with some home made salt dough. My petit monsier used his trains and cars to make imprints in the dough, while the little big man just enjoyed squishing it and rolling it in his hands and on the table.

I also set up a small quiet time activity that consisted of colouring winter scenes with markers.
They all had opportunities to choose what page they wanted to colour and went at it.

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