Monday, 9 September 2013

Baking with children

I love baking with my children. My oldest was baking with me when he was a year old, and his siblings aren't too far behind. His sister's wandering hands kept us from baking as a family for awhile until just recently.
Baking relaxes me. No matter how busy the day is, or how much "trouble" the baking project will be I always have a feeling of pure satisfaction when I am all done especially when the finished product is being enjoyed.
I think the easiest thing to bake with kids is cookies. Almost any type will do, but mine especially enjoy making gingerbread kids and other shapes. The smell of freshly baked cookies is so inviting, and they really like to decorate them any way they choose.
Every holiday season I have them decorate cookies to bring to the dinners at the grandparents' houses, and of course no Christmas would be complete without a Gingerbread house complete with gum-drop roof and red licorice window frames.
The summer this year has been so hot, I can't wait until it cools off a little bit and I can begin baking again. I know I miss the downtime, and I'm sure the kids miss the treats.

Until the smells and sounds of fall are in the air, the sights and smells of baking will be out of my kitchen. Good thing it's coming soon!

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