Sunday, 8 September 2013

One Great City!

We went exploring today and discovered a new interactive work of art in St.Boniface. It was really neat. A giant carousel with grocery carts to ride on! It was even big enough for mommy to have a ride.

While we were there, another family joined in our fun, and all 3 mommas had a ride while  we got pulled along by the kid's dad. I loved seeing how other mothers joined in the fun with the kids, and we all had fun together, playing.

Even grown-ups need to get dirty and play along sometimes, even without kids.

There was also beautiful sculptures of children laughing and playing in the small walk through garden, in addition to a couple other beautiful works of art. It was a beautiful sight to watch my 2 younger children play and laugh while also enjoying a little bit of art and culture. As much as I would love to be in the country, where else would you find such amazing, interactive fully public art?

I think the next garden we go explore before the summer ends is the one at Assiniboine park where you can see the beautiful sculptures in the Leo Mol Garden.

 Happy Exploring!

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