Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bubbles Galore! (take one)

I really love playing with bubbles, and so do my children (yes, even the tween has shown interest in some of the bubble activities on my ultimate to do list)
So we tried making our own bubble solution to play with and to make stronger bubbles.
With the littles help (seems the big boy is away too much nowdays) I made some simple bubble solution using baby shampoo, water and corn syrup.
The children enjoyed making the solution and really had fun watching the bubbles float up off the balcony into the air.

I know part of the fun with bubbles and kids is trying to catch them, so I told petit monsieur to dip his hand in the bubble juice and he would be able to catch some of them. after a few attempts, he asked me to blow one right onto his hand, which I happily did.

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