Monday, 12 March 2018


This winter we had next to no snow, much to my disappointment. It was cold, but the snow seemed to not want to make a home in Manitoba this year.
I'm not sure how many other people share my view, but winter is usually my favourite season. I love all the wintertime activities we have access to, such as skating and sledding, and still want to try things like snowboarding and skiing (cross country and downhill, though in the prairies it's hard to find a good hill)

Little did I know, Mother Nature had something in store for us right at the beginning of March. In like a lion, out like a lamb, right?
So far this storm we've had rain, hail/frozen drizzle, reports of thunder and lightning in some areas, and about 20 cm of snow and it's still falling.
The nice thing is the temperature is mild and the snow is sticky so we can make a snowman and snowballs for a battle.
 The bad thing is that it's a heavy, sticky snow so we have more potential for downed power and cable and phone lines.

Sorry! No photos right now but a video will be posted on my Youtube page.

Schools still on for most kids today, but we are getting a lesson in snow at our house and loving it!

I could write so much more about how much I love the snow, but it's still falling and calling for me to go enjoy it out there.

Until next time!

Get out and play, and if you can't, enjoy the beautiful scene.

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