Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Snow Fort

Winter's here!

Although our snow didn't fall until December this year, when it started it didn't stop. And what else to do with all that snow? Build things with it of course.

My idea started before snow hit, and I attempted to build a small hill to slide down in the backyard. With some wood as the start of my sides, I started piling up the snow. I dug out paths and built up the walls, with some help of course from my little helpers. Most of the time they were more interested in trying to climb while I threw the snow up, but we all had fun.

As I made the hill higher, a second idea hit me. Why Not build a fort the slide could go into?

I started more walls, and with that a second hill, this time to dig out a shelter similar to a quinzee (winter snow shelter).

By the end, we had a snow shelter, a tunnel, a hill to slide down and another snow "room" with just walls.

Unfortunately, it's beauty didn't last because we had a warm spell (+3 Celsius in mid January?!) but the fort still stands.

What keeps you busy during cold, snowy months?

Peace and love until next time.

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