Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Sorting with water beads

After we had had fun playing with our water beads, I asked DD to sort them into separate containers to put them away. Away she went, sorting out the green beads from the blue and clear ones, then onto separate the blue from the clear ones.

At first she used only her fingers to sort them, then used a small set of pincers or plastic tweezers to grasp each slippery, squishy bead.
As she sorted, she would tell me what colour she was putting into which container (yes, each bead. was a long process) and she even tried to keep count. Of course there were too many for her to do that at this time. In the end, she and her brothers all had a fun time playing with the water beads and I hope I can find another non toxic alternative to use in the same way soon.
Happy playing!

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