Thursday, 14 July 2016

Observing insects- the emergence

Our caterpillar has emerged as a beautiful black swallowtail butterfly.
I was asleep and woke up to a fluttery sound, like something caught in a container trying to get out. I looked up at the shelf holding the chrysalis, and there it was! I was not expecting it yet, as all I've read says these over winter. (Although I couldn't believe it with it changing so early in the season)

I frantically got up, and looked for a branch for it to climb, hoping it wasn't too late for the creature to dry its wings. Slowly it climbed up the branch I found, and as it hung onto a leaf, I wanted so badly to wake up the kids.
Instead, I sat and watched it until the children woke up.
Excited they gathered around to look, and begged to keep it.

I had to say no.

We observed it for awhile, opening and closing its wings and climbing around on the branch until it began fluttering around the kitchen. As it landed on my daughter, I told them it was time to let it go. With the butterfly still gripping to her shirt, my 7 year old carefully walked outside, and the butterfly took off in the breeze.
We watched it land in a nearby bush, and waited until it flew away before leaving our spot on the steps.

We talked about the butterfly and how beautiful and delicate it is, and how they help pollinate the flowers and help the plants grow. What a wonderful way to learn about the life cycle of the butterfly and metamorphosis.

Peace and love.


  1. wow!!! Amazing post on the butterfly. Keep going!!!

    1. Thanks! My kids are sure into insects and there'll be more insect observation posts, too.
      Lol they do creep me out a bit though.

    2. HaHaHa!!!!Even i look for such options, we moms are really cunning!!!